WinBox. The inbox re-imagined for players.

Imagine an inbox that you and your players love! We've removed the frustrations and roadblocks of traditional message engagements and turned it into an award-winning solution!

WinBox Takeover

Our inbox overlay allows you to interrupt your players in real-time to deliver important messages whether it's an important alert, a time-sensitive offer or more!

Custom QR Codes

Easily create and download custom QR Codes to be used on welcome signage within your lobby, pre-show emails, and general promotional materials.


Audience members automatically receive a download link to their specific performance when they text a word of your choosing to a number.

Email Lists

Build your subscription list easily.  Emails are automatically collected as your audience subscribes, likes, comments, and engages with your players. Our automated newsletters then keep them returning for more!

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Winning features that engage.


Easily broadcast texts and
alerts to registered players.

Message Center

Easily communicate with
your players to answer

Instant Polls
& Surveys

Increase player
participation with real-time
polls and surveys.

& Ads

Easily promote static and
animated ads.

Automated Newsletters

Keep your players
returning by automatically
sharing latest offers.

Custom Registration

Customize the sign-up
process for your casino
and how players login.

Custom Access

Customize what information
you collect and what access
levels players receive.

Customized Offers

Provide exclusive access to
your more important
patrons to engage.

Track Results

View results, filter lists, track player engagement, and see all activity.

Manage Notifications

Control and manage all notifications. Push, Desktop, SMS, and Email.

Behavior-Based Targeting

Customize the fields on the
User's Profile that allows
you to understand their
motivations and interests.


Load up your content and
events in advance and
watch them populate and
expire automatically.

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